A Year In The Day

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About the Game Master

My name is Bob Bellamy and I am an Amber GM. While that sounds like a confession, it's actually more of an explanation, insomuch as a defense, of why someone would spend the amount of time I have on making up a web page and images for a game.

While I have been gaming since 1983, I have played literally hundreds of games using dozens of RPG systems. Alternatively, I have run dozens of campaigns using almost as many RPG rule systems. Of all of them, I have to say the most fun and most fantastic storytelling has come from a game system that has absolutely no dice, card or other random engine mechanic to it at all.

Gamer Cat (aka Noble) is my partner in game mastering. He works as my GM'ing inspiration and partner. The logic goes like this: 'If Noble would do it, then it's not too mean or cruel.' and also, 'If it's on an edge, knock it off to see if it breaks.'

Sydaria World 5e

Fantasy Age Companion

Aberrant Rulebook

Aberrant Players Guide


Cyberpunk RED

Cyberpunk RED Errata

Cyberpunk RED PDF Fillable Character Sheet

Cyberpunk RED Jumpstart Rulebook

Cyberpunk RED Jumpstart Worldbook

Cyberpunk RED EZ Ref Tablet

Cyberpunk RED EZ Red Portrait

CoC Investigators Comp v2

CoC Handbook 6Ed

CoC InvestigatorHandbook 7Ed

Esper Genesis GM Light Rules

Esper Genesis Free Light Rules

Esper Genesis Art Preview PDF

Esper Genesis Fillable PDF Character Sheet

Esper Genesis Galaxy Map

Esper Genesis Full Rulebook

Hyelavar Race (Bob's Hyena Variant)

Hero System 5th Edition

Champions Complete

Scion 2e: Origin

Scion 2e: Hero

Scion 2e: Errata

Scion 2e: Extras

Six Deity Bag - Luminary's Townhouse in the Upper East Side

3.5 Complete Books

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