A Year In The Day

The Amber Campaign Page for 'A Year In The Day' DRPG


Greetings Amber Players!

This page is dedicated to an Amber DRPG (Diceless Roleplaying Game) campaign called "A Year In The Day".

Synopsis: It was just another day in your life when a mysterious stranger showed up and your world *literally* fell apart - and *then* things got strange.

The campaign is set in the post-novel era, a few years after the end events of the Merlin Chronicles. Things have been stable and calm, with peace between Chaos and Amber. That was, until a radical faction of the conservative Chaos Houses started exerting influence on the Throne, feeling that it has fallen under undue influence from the Crown of Amber.

Add into that a strange and unusual peace with Dalt as well as a growing sphere of control from a powerful Construct in the Courts of Chaos and the fact that Dalt has sued for peace and has sworn fealty to the Crown of Amber. Fold in a little mystery as the Pattern was erased by someone walking it, and it has become what elderly, wizened Chinese men would call "living in interesting times."