A Year In The Day

Game Logs and Other Stuff


Player Lineage
Here is a quick PDF of the known lineage of the player characters. While not the complete Amber lineage, it provides enough reference to allow you to fit into the lineage outlined in "The Complete Amber Sourcebook" genealogy outlined on page 237.

Game Log - Introduction Session
Anita Blake is traveling back from Washington D.C. to St. Louis at the request of her father. He has told her that he has significant news but he wants to share it in person. He relates that it is about Anita's mother, Ximena. At the airport, Anita noticed that she was being watched by vampires in gray. At the counter, she was upgraded on her United Airlines flight to first class, although she hadn't requested it. The woman at the counter smiled at her strangely because confirming the change to her ticket. In the first thirty minutes of the flight, Anita was surprised when the plane exploded and broke apart, everything from her seat back being falling to Earth while she landed on a strange floating city that appeared out of nowhere.

Charles was just fighting his way, for the infin-ith time, through the city of Old Columbia to save his daughter and depose Comstock. Except this time, a plane fell from the sky and landed near him. He was attacked by strange grey men that Anita recognized. He was overpowered when Anita broke into the fight and all of them were "pulled" into a strange location.

Michael was approached by a strange, red-haired man following a performance in Endless Summer, a shadow of eternal good music and easy living. The man took him to a barbeque place for dinner and proposed that he should come meet someone who had very specific ties to his background. Michael went and met Jasra at the Keep of the Four Worlds. She and the red-haired man, who called himself Luke, made a strange proposal and returned Michael to his home, however, on his way there, he was pulled to a new location.

Simone was working again on trying to make paint (nobody seemed to understand what he is doing in his shadow, as all art is expressed in music, and Simone is talented in painting). His mentor asks him, because of his expertise, to look at a strange scribbling that resembles a man's face. Cavelle, Simone's childhood friend, warns him that there is something strange about the painting. Simone looks at it and finds himself pulled through a man who discusses his parents.

Ravak was sent by the Elder Dragon to capture a creature known as the Pallidi. The creature moves into and out of the Shadow Realms with ease, which is disturbing. He goes to the Nigospiria Terras and finds it is attacking a magical realm where Versa, who has just began testing an experimental recreation of an anomaly in a magical simulator as directed by her father, Jules Mason. The simulation opens up a portal to a devastating world-destroying creature, the Pallidi, and Ravak helps banish it by breaking the realm connection with Versa's help.

Anita and Charles meet Lord Makron, of House Chanicut, who tells them that he was sent to "rescue" them and take them to Amber, on direction of Amber's King, Random. The other PC's are eventually gathered and brought to Amber, where they meet Julian (by way of his hunting wolves in the Arden Forest) and Flora, who identifies Charles as her son.

Random explains that they are in danger, as someone is attempting to assassinate the blood kin of Amber and that they all have the blood of Amber in their veins and are thus targets. He bids them to stay for a few days and gain some education and background into their birthrights before deciding what they want to do.

Game Log - Session 2
After the first game/intro of Amber we all go our respective ways completing mundane tasks as we deemed necessary for a time. The Michael is visited by Bleys and taken down to the pattern of Amber. Michael then walks the pattern seemingly erasing it behind him as he goes. After feeling something happening, Fiona brings all of the party members through a painting being created by Simone our trump artist.

The party sits there and watches Michael remove the pattern with several elder Amberites who are baffled beyond thought. After finishing the Grand Curve, Michael sits down in the center of the pattern and Random walks up and stabs him through the heart. Seemingly unharmed, Michael stares up in surprise at Random. After brief conversation, Fiona vanishes and Random has the party wait in the Yellow Room. Amidst the conversation of the party Michael somehow transports Simone out of Amber to the removed Pattern.

Fiona soon after storms in demanding to know what had happened and Michael tells her the story. After another talk with Random they tell us all to go to our friend saying we need to get there and get him out. Upon all of our arrivals we see a “copy” of Michael and the pattern where we are all standing in the middle of. Looking up we see a massive storm of sorts with two huge eyes, and start frantically working our way out of this mysterious shadow. At the last second, the sorceress Versa pulls out of the shadow and into chaos, and one of the ways of House Jesby.

We are then taken prisoner or “guests” as we find out later on. Being presented to Lord Tmer II, Ravak is taken to a private meeting and Versa and Anita are recognized as Ladies of Chaos while Charles is thrown out into a pit. After the meetings subside we are taken off to The King of Chaos, King Merlin. Mandor Introduces Ravak as a Lord of House Sawall, who Then Chooses House Helgram. Lady Versa and Anita are recognized as family to Merlin (Versa his Daughter and Anita his Half Sister). Charles is introduced Lady Zartralia of House Jesbee as her Son(Step), and the rest of the party are just named. We are then taken back to Amber and go our separate ways to take care of unfinished business and other such things.

Game Log - Session 3
In the third session of Amber the party wonders off for most of the game to start and finish some rather… personal business. After coming back from the Courts of Chaos and being given free reign of Castle Amber again Charles, Anita and Ravak undergo training from Benedict but after a short while Ravak vanishes off saying he has some urgent things to attend too. Eventually Anita has to take her leave as well going back to her own shadow to meat with a misplaced family member aka Corwin. After her meeting with Corwin, Anita come back to the Castle rather annoyed and tired and starts seeing a familiar figure in a mirror after getting fairly frustrated she plunges into the mirror and finds her way into Rebma, the underwater reflection of Amber where she promptly creates a disturbance and is thrown in the dungeons. During this time Versa finds her way into Tir Na Nog, the ghostly reflection of Amber, and walks a strange Pattern in the shape of a rose, after walking the strange Pattern she returns to her own shadow.

Charles continues his battering training with Benedict as well as starting something he greatly feared and dreaded… courtly manner training… with his mother. Since the beginning no one had heard from Simone and Michael and later we find out that they had been trapped in Luke's blue crystal cave shadow and had had dinner with both Dalt and Luke himself where they “uncover” a “secret” plot to destroy Amber. Once everyone had returned to Amber except of course for Anita who was trapped in Rebmas dungeons, Random announces a party which all players must attend.

Everyone not in a dungeon or otherwise hindered gets ready for the party the next day. Everyone makes it to the party on time and dressed for the occasion except of course for Anita who his dragged by her ear right into her Fathers “happily waiting” arms. All of the party guests finally get settled in after some conversation some of it forced *cough* charles, the King arrives. As the king is Acknowledging the golden circle kingdoms a shadowy figure appears behind him with a raised sword, moving from the shadows the figure makes out to be Dalt! Ravak, Anita and Charles race forward attempting to knock the blade from his hand and as they are about to Random yells out to stop.

This is the point where the characters realize that they had acted rather prematurely and that it had all been part of the ceremony of entering a new kingdom into the Golden Circle. This is also the point where Simone and Michael had been duped and the dinner they had endured had been a test of their loyalty. However premature their reaction the player characters receive acknowledgment of their quick thinking on behalf of the safety of King Random. After the party, the PC’s once again go their separate ways.

Game Log - Session 4
Just recently Michael was stabbed, being terribly wounded and his “brother” was killed by the same persona, a Faceless Assassin of the Sabu Amentet. Ravak suddenly appears in Castle Amber and is questioned by the rest of the party. When the party members try to leave they find that the castle is in lockdown and that no one can leave unless given permission by the King.

The party is then called to the Yellow Room for a meeting where they are given assignments by Random. Anita and Versa are to protect Michael. Charles and Simone are rushed off to find an old relative. After the party goes on their respective missions, Simon and Charles meet a strange woman and leave to find the Ruby Prince. Versa leaves Michael and Anita to do some research and the later are captured inside a mirror where they are chased by a black shadow that covers their skin, this results in the death of a court physician and Michael catching a dangerous virus like gangrene.

Anita is captured by the woman Charles and Simone met and later so is Versa. After a time Ravak goes to find Michael to apologize and finds him in deep pain and illness, using his powers Ravak cures Michael and is chased out of Rebma and back to Chaos where he is challenged to a duel.

Michael calls them all to a mental council and one by one they meet up in a random shadow and free Versa and Anita from their imprisonment. Not long after the same Lady that captured Anita and Versa appears in that shadow and Finndo reveals that he was the mysterious woman and the Ruby Prince. Finndo tells the Party that if they do not retrieve the Pattern soon and return it to Amber they will likely die when it is destroyed to enable the creation of a new one by an unknown enemy of Amber. Lastly Ravak and the party quickly transport back to Chaos and find that he has been challenged by a party from House Chanicut. In his absence, Mandor accepted and request a Poison Duel to the death. Mandor has specified Anita as Ravak's Second. He reveals this to Ravak and explains that Chanicut challenger is known only by his title, the Black Scythe of the Abyssal Crest, and is the unknown challenger of House Chanicut. The Chanicut Second is Lady Venala.