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Major Houses of Chaos

Size and Alliances



House Traditions

Members of Note

Major House (100+ Titled Nobles) Sideways oriented infinity symbol, representing the Serpent Forever Black, red and bronze Logrus Mastery and Magic

Service to the Church of the Serpent
High Priest Bances

Lord Phelan (Exiled)

Lord B'aldarys (Missing in Patternfall War)

Unaligned Minor House (Previously Major House), (Now less than 20 Titled Nobles) Whirlpool Spiraling with Eye in the Center Green, red and bronze Shapeshifting and Demonic Pacts

Rim-Diving post Patternfall War
Dworkin of Barimen (Exiled as Dworkin of Amber)

Rim Duke Grandel Barimen

Galina Barimen
Major House (200+ Titled Nobles) Preying Mantis with a Scorpion's Tail Black and gold Warfare

Strategy and Shadowcrafting

Administration of the Courts
Late Prince Tubble (Deceased)

Lord Makron of Chanicut (Ascending Lord)

Duchess Venala
Major House (50+ Titled Nobles) Shooting Star Blue and silver Mystic Arts

Logrus Mastery


Protectorate of the Cave of the Logrus
High Lady Dara (By Marriage Only)

Lord Suhuy (Master of the Logrus)

Lord Ravak (Ascendant)

The Phoenix of the Sabu Amentek
Major House (300+ Titled Nobles) Greatsword wreathed in sinuous flames Blood and steel (Red and grey) Military discipline

Shadow Defense

Duchess Lady Minobee

Hell-queen Lintra

Lady Gilva of the Hell-maidens

Lord Dyrwyn of the Arms

Duke Fauling
Major House (100+ Titled Nobles) Flames under a Wave Green and gold Transport and Trade

Political Service

Keepers of the Six Blades
Lady Zartralia (Regent)

King Lord Tmer II

Prince Charles of Amber (Ascendant)
Major House (150+ Titled Nobles) Raised fist Green and silver Masters of the Duel

Proxies of the Six Blades

Warfare and Strategy
Lord Borel (Deceased)

Lord Penselver, Chimera of the Sabu Amentek

Prince Delwyn (Self-Exiled of Amber, Housed by Challenge of the Six Blades)
Major House (100+ Titled Nobles) Scroll on a silver disk Brown and gold Mystic arts

Ascendant House to the Throne
Late King Merlin

High Lady Dara (By Marriage)

Lord Mandor

Lord Despil

Jurt (Exiled)

Lady Versa

Ascendant Minor Houses of Chaos

House Name


Region of Chaos

Aazryn Chanicut Rim House
Anch Amblerash Abyssal Rim
Brekh Chanicut Rim House
Graath Hendrake Black Zone
Liing Sawall Rim House
Po Minobee Black Zone
T'Chun Jesby Black Zone
T'variens Hendrake Shadow Realms
Valko Minobee Rim House
V'rell Helgram Rim House
V'rii Minobee Shadow Realms

Golden Circle Kingdoms

Country Name


Shadow Paths

Alhambra A desert kingdom of endless sands, verdant oases and mysterious pyramids. Isles of the Sun
Arbrek A land of elves and fey beings who live in Renaissance city-states and have connection with a name-based magic unique to their world. Cabra

Baylesport A nice series of dormant volcanos that protect a lush region of valleys where a number of nobles families of Amber's preferred status maintain wineries, estates and castles. Eastern Coast
Begma Magical technologists and engineers, Begma is a prosperous nation that produces many of the finished goods of the Golden Circle. Their magic sometimes proves unreliable throughout the Golden Circle, but those enchantments that remain stable are preferred goods. Tanu

Western Coast
Boccorro Tropical jungles surround the golden city of Cibola. Isles of the Sun
Cabra A pastoral region of coasts and fishing villages, dotted by lighthouses and often battered by brutal storms. Rebma


Western Coast
Cibola A series of islands located in the Isles of the Sun where a pirate hegemony remains durably and consistently in power. This place was popular with the late Caine and is now more popular with Gerard. Isles of the Sun
Eregnor A contested section of land rich in mineral deposits that lies directly between Kashfa and Begma. Random has attempted to place Duke Arkans, who has lineage that ties into nobility that has legitimate ties to Eregnor, on the throne of Kashfa to finally resolve the issue and get favorable access to the region by Amber. Begma

Ghenesh Home of the famous Moonriders, this Regency was granted to Corwin for his triumph over them. However, his disappearance came short thereafter, and coupled with the absence of Oberon and Benedict from he kingdom, this regency has never been strongly held. Eric has taken steps to change this, but other priorities have consistently claimed his time. (Closed Path) Arden Forest
Jade The cities of the Immaculate Jade Empire are proud to call Amber her brother nation, and her infinite legions have been stalwart allies of Amber. Eastern Coast
Kashfa This is referred to by Flora as a land with "barbaric splendor housing a cultural backwater". It has little going for it besides its close proximity to Begma. Luke has maneuvered his way into the Kingship of Kashfa, but in recent months, King Random has deemed not to recognize his petitions or authority until he gets expressed backing of the nobles of the kingdom. Begma
Kitezh This is a frozen region of long, stark tundras. However, mountain protection and volcanic activity have warmed the single city of Kitezh where a fierce warrior nations resides. Western Coast
Lyonesse The isle of Lyonesse is only a fragment that remains of a once-great empire which sank beneath the waves. Those who remain have dedicated themselves to honor and chivalry, seeking to make certain that the final days of Lyonesse are golden indeed. Eastern Coast
Meravia The cliff-dwelling Sea Kings of Minos are famous for their ships, their merchants, and their pirates. Home of Rilga. Minos

Minos Is a noble land of fantastic creatures, magics and classic fantasy adventurers. Strangely enough, an ether-based steampunk style magic exists in the world and there are indications that at one time, this land was once another shadow and transformed by some great disaster. Isles of the Sun

Montevalno The bards of Montevalno make great dramas from the feuds of this collection of renaissance-style warring city-states. Under Eathan of Amber, son of Gerard, it is an aspiring member of Amber's trade network. Tanus
Pathi A hidden city of wizards, Pathi's membership in the Golden Circle has made it no less isolationist, and the way to Pathi is known only to a few. (Path Guardian) Deep Coast
Rebma A near perfect reflection of Amber, ruled by Princess Llewella. Amber


Sukho The largest city of Sukho is small indeed, as most of the population is nomadic, scattered throughout the thousands of islands of this vast Archipelago. Eastern Coast
Tanus Mouth of the great Tanus river surrounds the spires and and ancient temples of the the eternal city, meeting ground of the Maharajas of the great river kingdoms. Western Coast
Weirmondra An old enemy of Amber, and home of the shapeshifting Weir, it has historically been a regency held by Prince Eric for his role in their defeat. In the very recent past, it has passed through other hands, before being granted its independence. Cibola