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Gerard: {Carrying a bag of dead dire rats) - I've spent the *entire* morning cleaning these things up. You should see what they did to the Shrine of the Unicorn. I swear, when I find out who brought these here...

Versa: (As Mrs. Tibbs runs to hide behind her) Umm...there's a really funny story about this.
Flora (Psychically): Charles, eat your food.

Charles: I don't want to eat.

(Flora mentally dominates Charles into eating)

Flora: If you don't eat, people will think we're poisoning them, and that never ends well for the hosts.

Charles: Fine, but I'm not going to like it.
Lord Makron: You are the undisciplined children of a rebel House, justly banished from the Courts of Chaos.

Charles: So you're Macaroni of Chain-cut?

Lord Makron: Speak one more word, immutable spawn of Amber. Just one...

Ravak (Appearing from nowhere): I wouldn't do that.
Anita: We're supposed to meet Random.

Julian (through gritted teeth while glaring at Lord Makron) That's *King* Random.

Lord Makron: (shrugging) Not my king.
Anita: When do we meet this Random?

Flora: Here in Castle Amber, it's *King Random*. I would have though Lord Makron would have explained this to you.

Makron: He's not my King.

Flora: I'll be speaking to *your* king, Lord Makron, soon enough.

Makron: Still no difference.
Attendant: You've been upgraded to first class, free of charge.

Anita: Why?

Attendant: You've been randomly selected.

Anita (to GM): Is this United?

GM: Yes.

Anita: How could this possibly go wrong.
GM: As you're looking at the man in the next aisle, the plane explodes.

Anita: So....United.

GM: The good news is that the explosion cleanly sheared off at the row behind yours.
You are unhurt. The bad news is that you're free falling at 15,000 feet.

Anita: Can I fly?

GM: No. But it probably wouldn't matter as the fuselage section slams into a flying city.

Anita: So why was I flying United? And you said a *flying* city?

GM: Falling more than flying, yes.

Charles: Oh, hey. I know where *you're* at.
Fiona: Well, since you have it here in the lab, let's do an autopsy.

Versa: Shouldn't it be dead?

Fiona: Undead, dead. It's really just semantics.
(Charles is in House Chanicut, laying still in a pit of bones that animate and beat him whenever he moves)

Ravak: Why are you laying in that pit of bones?

Charles: Because they don't hurt me if I lay still.

Guard (to Ravak): He could just deactivate the animator. It's the button on the wall.

Ravak: He doesn't know that, does he?

Guard: Doesn't appear so.

Ravak: Hmmm. (Walks away)
Lady Zartralia: Charles, I'm your step-mother and we're in the Courts. It's both optional and completely acceptable for me to try to kill you.

Michael: In Amber, it's mandatory for your blood relatives to try to kill you.

Charles: That's insane!

Michael: The Amber thing or the Chaos thing?

Charles: Both!
(Anita appears unexpectedly in Llewella's chambers in Rebma)

Guard Captain in Rebma: Seize her!

Anita: That's not happening...

GM: The guards beat you with polearms until you are subdued.

Guard Captain: Now seize her.
Dara: Why honey, I got you a wonderful present.

Mandor: If you recall, there were several things I specified as dangerous.

Ravak: Gifts.

Mandor: And especially those from your mother. Merlin's still "enjoying" his last present.

Dara: Don't be silly. Everyone adores my little tokens.
Dara: I think I can do something with this one.

Versa: Is she talking to me?

Ravak: That would be your grandmother.
Random: Everyone is currently ordered to prepare for a reception.

Simone: What about Anita?

Random: Everyone who is currently not in the dungeon is ordered to prepare for a reception.
Llewella: (Holding Anita by the ear) Is this one yours?

Corwin: Yes. What did she do?

Llewella: She was in my chambers.

Anita: The mirror did it...

Corwin: You have no idea how bad this is. (Grabbing Anita by the ear)
Michael: (Sitting cross-legged at the center of the missing Pattern)

Random: Let me check something. (Pulls a blade and stabs Michael through the heart)

Michael: *That* was rude.

Random: Yeah, it's as bad as I thought.
Fiona: So what did you do to the Pattern??

Michael: I walked it. Like Bleys told me to.

Fiona (looking at Bleys): You what...

Bleys (in a softball jersey): It wasn't me. I was playing softball with Random and Martin.

Fiona: And the rest of you?

Charles: I did it because everyone else was doing it.
Michael: Are you me?

Mike: Jesus, I hope not. You're like a hippy version of me.

Michael: So what sort of music do you like?

Mike: Hard metal, mainly speed metal and death metal.

Michael: So you're Metal Mike.

Mike: You don't want to meet the Country Mike.
Finndo: I'm not saying I want to kill you. I'm just saying I will.

Simone: Oh, well, that's much better.

Finndo: I assure you that it will bother me a little.
Until I redraw the Pattern and you never existed. Then it won't.
Queen Regent Dara: Versa dear, I was hoping you'd come to visit.

Versa: I'm so happy to see you, m'lady.

Queen Regent Dara: Oh pish posh, don't stand on formality. We're blood, aren't we?

Versa: Yes?
Queen Regent Dara: Either way, I'm blaming somebody besides myself.
Versa: I need to find a way to magically reduce the damage of asshats.
Queen Regent Dara: The problem with this book, dear Versa, are these pages.
(Rips out all of the pages as Versa glares angrily)

*Now* you're at a good place to start over.
Queen Regent Dara: You can get a tattoo of a unicorn but it won't make your bears dance.
Queen Regent Dara: You can kick over a lantern, but it won't set your bears on fire.
Mandor: 'Bears' is just a word she uses when she can't think of the actual word.
Tmer II: (Giggling as he forces Charles body to shapeshift)

Charles: Gurgle, gack, aacckk.

Lady Zartralia: Oh dear. That wasn't how I was planning to do this.
Thelissa: Here, use this. (Tosses a staff)

Simone: It's not a paintbrush, but it'll do.
Thelissa: Here, use this. (Tosses a staff)

Simone: It's not a paintbrush, but it'll do.
Anita: I need a chicken.

Mandor: How would you like it prepared?

Anita: Live.
Folcher: That's not how you prepare chicken.

Ravak: Do we have a water dish for her in case I fail?
Makron: (Revealing himself as Black Scythe) It has been a long time, my friend. I do wish you to enjoy these last minutes of your life.
Anita (Showing Harry and Sally): I have these.

Dierdre: Only if you can keep them.
Michael: I kind of want to try an experiment, but it will give you a headache.

Dranaj: Then I guess it was good knowing you.
Simone: Hello Charles, are you busy?

Charles (falling at maximum velocity): If by busy you mean pull me through, then PULL ME THROUGH!
Simone: (Motioning to a two-headed beatle with Charles' face) Would this be Pat?
Ravak: Pat is you.

Charles: Excuse me?

Simone: Smile and nod.

Ravak: Smile and nod, boys. Just smile and nod.
Richard: Anita, what sort of wine goes with necromancy and chicken sacrifice?
Anita: So, great. We left Richard behind with a dead chicken and an unopened bottle of wine.
Ravak: I just had an interesting conversation with a tree.
Dierdre: So you don't know what house do you belong to?

Ravak: I know what house I belong to. It's just a sticky situation.